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Pick your chi mui’s carefully girls or you can’t get married

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pick your bridesmaids carefully...

Crazy Robbery at Malaysia

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Robbers are becoming more and more daring to use parang at broad daylight..

Poor Lambo Vandalized

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Poor Lambo Vandalized in Malaysia

How to save the earth tommorow

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We can still survive if we all corporate..

Thief Level = Expert

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Expert pickpocket thief that's been doing this since years.... He's really good with the timing

This girl had it coming

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Extremely nagging girlfriends gets it..

Mind Reading using chatroulette

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Mind reader reads peoples mind using chatroulette

North Korean prisoner escaped after from camp 14

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Shin-Dong hyuk, a prisoner from North Korea was born in a slave camp in camp 14 punished for eternity.

Ken Blocks’s Amazing Gymkhana video

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Ken Block's doing it again in his latest gymkhana run

Prank Goes Wrong

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This is totally why you shouldn't do a prank on your friends.