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Clueless boyfriend didn’t realize his gf fell off

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Pity her girlfriend that was holding on for dear life in the motorbike

Guy throws his drunk friend out of a plane

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One of the most scariest prank ever... His friend didn't know what hit him.

Pick your chi mui’s carefully girls or you can’t get married

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pick your bridesmaids carefully...

Elephant eats smartphone

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Elephant eats girls phone

Amazing New York Dance

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Amazing Dancers Dancing to New York Song

1 pound fish song… Will you get from him?

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Mind blowing 1 pound fish song,  the next single. Blowing charts everywhere

Thief Level = Expert

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Expert pickpocket thief that's been doing this since years.... He's really good with the timing

Gangnam Kid Epic Dance

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Future PSY spotted.... This kid definitely has talent.!